Dumplin’ : where was this movie when I was 15?

I watched Dumplin’ on Netflix tonight and I think I pretty much cried my way through most of it.

This film has so much heart, it has so much love and positivity and is just everything that 15 year old me wanted to see represented on film. To see fat characters - three of them in one movie - each of them different, each of them strong, brave and loving and being loved in return......15 year old me needed that. Hell, 35 year old me needed that.

The part of it that really got to me, like really choked me up, was the relationship between Willowdean and her Mum. Ive felt like a disappointment to my own Mum for so long for the way I look, never mind that I did well in school, found someone who made me happy, got a good job. Those are all things that mothers are supposed to want for their kids but all I’ve ever felt like is a disappointment because I’m not thin.

Watching Willowdean and her Mum come to an understanding, watching Willowdean realise her Mum loved every inch of her was amazing. I still don’t feel like I have that with my Mum, I might never get there, but damn it was good to live vicariously through them.

Excuse me while I go and cry some more ugly tears about how damn wonderful this film was.

I Finished My Hurt/Bingo Card

Hurrah! 25 ficlets and 35,000 words filled with misery!

Find them here if you are interested.

Almost all of them are McShep. There's a couple of gen fics thrown in and one McKay/Caldwell just because I love that ship so freaking much and there's practically zero fic out there for it.

Normal levels of angst will now resume!

2018: 48-4

I’ve been off work this week and it’s been fantastic. I haven’t done much of note at all which is exactly the kind of week off I needed! I posted all the Christmas cards that need to go overseas, finished off the Christmas shopping, we put the tree up, ordered our Christmas roast, watched some Christmas films and had some nice meals out.

December is pretty full on at my work (when isn’t?) so I’m glad I got this week to unwind. It’s been really nice going to sleep with George every night and waking up next to him every morning. I’ll be very glad when he drops one of his nights next year.

Oh, and I also booked a tattoo appointment to finally get my Stargate tattoo! I’ve wanted the gate symbol for Earth (unoriginal, I know) for ages now and after George scoffed that I would never get it I went and got the ball rolling! It’s like that comic that I see going about tumblr where all it takes is one person saying you can’t or won’t do it to make you get off your butt!

Technically, this will be my third tattoo but as my last one was done 17 years ago I feel like my tattoo virginity has grown back! Hopefully I won’t make an idiot out of myself :)

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